I create mousemade pixel perfection stuffs for the interwebs.

Published: 2 years ago

The pendulum shall swing

I think I now understand why Hitler rose to power. I see why regular people would support a person who would officially and methodically work to eradicate whole race (jews) and ideology(communism). The “socialists” who try to stop free market from functioning and only …

Published: 4 years ago

What I would like to see in iOS 7

WWDC is on June 10. Everybody is posting speculations, rumours and this is my first attempt at this trade. I will jump straight into the list. Unlike many other wishlists, this isn’t too long. Widgets in iPhone A social sharing API, so just like …

Published: 5 years ago

Old habits die hard – “Maximized Windows”!

Yes. Whenever you change from a system in which you are working for quite a long time, it is inevitable to carry some practices along to the new system. Most of the times, such habits yield less than ideal results. As I upgraded to …

Published: 5 years ago

Why we chose iMac?

Today, 7 October 2012, we got an iMac for Netvinyas Softwares Pvt. Ltd. (My company). Many people think it is overpriced. We bought the cheapest iMac, which costs 64,900 rs, today. You can build 2 PCs with better specs for the same price. Why …

Published: 5 years ago

Experience with Girls

I don’t think any girl deserves more respect just because she is girl. That is discrimination, and I am against it. Girls deserves as much respect as boys. More respect should be given based on achievements of the person, or depending on the relationship of the person. Not by gender. I love my father & mother equally

Published: 5 years ago

Agnostic to Atheist

I am from a family where everyone believe god. But from the days I remember I exist, I was skeptical about the existence of a god. Though I was not sure about God, I liked a few religious practices. In 7th I think, I made a Ganesha Idol too. Before you start arguing that I am wrong, please read Richard Dawkin’s book “God Delusion” or “Devaru” by A.N. Moorthiray.

Published: 6 years ago

The theory of inverse scores

So here I am writing on my blog after good amount of time. Couldn’t invest enough amount of time on writing due to heavy schedule of web designing, college and music. First of all, I would like to let you know that the results …

Published: 7 years ago

Why I can’t listen to Linkin Park & Bhimsen Joshi

OK, before writing further, I would like to say one thing, music is completely subjective. It’s your personal choice, and if someone doesn’t like something you listen, he is not idiot. It’s just that he has different taste. Unfortunately when we don’t like something, …