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Published: 2 years ago

The pendulum shall swing

I think I now understand why Hitler rose to power. I see why regular people would support a person who would officially and methodically work to eradicate whole race (jews) and ideology(communism).

The “socialists” who try to stop free market from functioning and only let government (thus those close to politicians) to manufacture. The self proclaimed “secularism” torchbearers who hijack academics, manufactures hatred for the identity of the majority through dubious means. The “leftist” self proclaimed intellectuals who produce verbal diarrhea riddled with fallacies and fancy sounding, artistic “creations” which have no resemblance or utility (sometimes even negative) to the real world. Those self proclaimed “progressives” who want to toss away social welfare and stability for freely speaking nonsense.

They shall get equally worse “rightists” who claim for a forceful implementation of a single, native way of life. Those “nationalists” who claim ownership for the whole world’s inventions, and possibly the wealth. Those “cultural elites” who want to subjugate or exterminate whom they think subhumans (usually the people from the first part). The ignorant, faithful religious people.

The pendulum (of the majority opinion) keeps going left and right. It’s been on the left for quite some time, since early 1900 to 1990. It’s the time for a rightward swing, as the left has long left being pragmatic, useful or rational (being at the center).

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