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Published: 4 years ago

Indian liberal myths

I have many problems with conservatives. But today I am irritated mostly by self proclaimed liberals who succumb to some of these myths.

1. Profit adds to cost

And this idea leads to the conclusion that if someone manufactures without profit, prices will reduce and people will be happy. Since private sector can never work for non-profit, ultimately the solution is that the government should run businesses. This is a recipe for disaster. Without incentive and competition, there is no quality.

This is like saying fuel makes vehicle run slower due to additional weight. Without fuel the vehicle won’t even move. Without profit there won’t be an economy.

2. Transitioning away from agriculture based economy means massacre of farmers

Transitioning from agriculture based economy does not mean reduction in agricultural output, but increase in manufacturing and services.

Let’s take an example of a farmer with 3 acre land from which he earns 300,000 rupees and makes profit of 100,000 per year. Now agriculture is the source for 100% of the revenue. After a few years, his son graduates, joins an IT firm and earns 900,000 per year. Now service is source for 90% of the revenue while agriculture accounts for 10%.

That is how transitioning away from agriculture based economy works. The agricultural output is still there, but because the overall economy has grown, agriculture accounts for less percentage. You can only eat so much.

3. Uniform civil code means imposition of Hindu culture over others

Uniform civil code is not based on Hinduism. Advocates of fundamentalist interpretations of Hinduism are (were) clearly against uniform civil code. Hindus practiced polygamy, and fought bitterly against women’s right to inherit property and making polygamy illegal. Uniform civil code is an extension of human rights where everyone is equal in front of law.

4. The current implementation of reservation is alright and should be continued till caste system ends

When some people ask for financial condition based reservations, their usual response is that reservation is introduced to curb social discrimination, so finance has nothing to do with it. And when asked why children of reservation beneficiaries also eligible for reservation, they say that is because their social status has not yet improved. In essence, you are accepting that reservation failed to achieve its’ goal (I think it achieved its goal, that is another discussion). If you think it doesn’t help, why are you still clinging into it? If you want to uplift societal status of lower castes, then the methods should also be social, not financial. Reservation in jobs is a financial method, not social. If you want to go social, you should go for religious reforms.

I am not completely against reservation, I just think it doesn’t reach those who need it due to creamy layer.

I will update as and when I come across more points.

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