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Published: 5 years ago

R-Day – The Flirt stories

About: This is part of a series – “The Flirt Stories”, about various such stories I heard. These are twisted, dramatic representations of original events.

“Hey, do you want me to tie you rakhi?”

Asked Ahana.

Obviously, she isn’t Pankaj’s sister. Far from that. Both have used this cool app called whatsapp for around five months now, only to pass sentences which may be interpreted quite differently depending on the mindset of reader. Last question also had more to it.

It had hope.

It had curiosity.


Will he finally open up?

If he does, what should I say?

Or what if he says, “Sure”? Hell Nooooo!

I wish he says, “No, I don’t want you to tie Rakhi, coz I love you”… How symphonic it would sound!

Reply quickly, you idiot!

A curly smile got itself painted on Pankaj’s lips, as soon as he read that message. He knew, if she really wanted to tie him Rakhi, she wouldn’t ask him anyway. She would’ve done it. Or, she would have just blocked him and went with someone else. However, he was unsure about her plans for future.

Does she like me?

Or, is she trying to just have fun?

If she is just trying to have some fun, is it a good idea to get along or shall I stop communications?

A flash of sadness made him adjust his position on bed. It is not comfortable to move out from any sort of relationship. It may be enmity, or love. Hard to change perspectives and positions.

At the same time, he understood himself quite well, or so he thought. And he understood how the world worked, and how Ahana’s approach to life wouldn’t fit his lifestyle.

Do I like her?

– Yes.

But, isn’t it true that I like every other girl who talks to me?

– That’s also true.

Then, what is the difference between my liking towards them and Ahana? Isn’t that just the hormones flowing around? I like Ahana more, because I spend more time communicating with her. If I was communicating with some other girl, I would have liked her too!

Understanding things more than necessary makes life complex. That has always been a problem for Pankaj. But he is wired like that. Can’t help.

Before the thought process would become more intense, he just swiped his favourite reply.

“Do you want to tie Rakhi?”

Now, this is what he used to do all the time. Passing the ball. Letting others take decision, and then decide if he wants to go with or against that decision. It helped him many times before. It gave comfort even if the situation turns “not so good”.

Ah, the same shit 🙁

Thought Ahana.

Dude, tell me what your heart says, at least once in your lifetime!

She forgot one thing though. She was doing the same thing! Neither she was leaving out anything other than those teeny-tiny-teaser messages. Wants him to make moves. Now that is the real problem.

“Panku, I am angry. Why don’t you answer me? I will sleep now. Bye.”

Clearly, she was upset.

This guy has no balls. He can’t do anything. Hell, those guys who proposed me in college were better than this guy.

As she covered herself with a blanket, memories of all those “proposals” she received started to cover mind.

To be continued…

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