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Published: 5 years ago

Mr. Previous Role Number – The Flirt Stories

About: This is part of a series – “The Flirt Stories”, about various such stories I heard. These are twisted, dramatic representations of original events.


This name is not that common in coastal Karnataka. Looks like his parents were influenced by north India in 1991 itself. Anyway, name doesn’t matter much.

Or, does it?

Sometimes, it places you as the first person to be punished. Surveys strongly indicate that when sorted alphabetically, students who come first often get more punishment in schools (don’t ask for source, that is confidential).

Sometimes, a name may lead to discrimination based on caste/religion.

Sometimes, it may evoke an eternal curiosity about the person.

But this time, his name landed him just before Ahana in class “Role Numbers”. He was not too sure when he started to feel that feeling which he could never describe to others. Was that during first exam in his college? Or was that when she stylishly said “Yes ma’am” and sat, while he said “Yes madam” seconds ago to the lady lecturer taking attendance? Nobody knows. But one thing everybody around him came to know was that he “Fell for her”.

Quite literally.

While the college gladly collected good amount of money via “donations”, it didn’t have enough “funds” to buy new furniture. Poor Adesh had to sit on a bench with three-and-a-half legs. To get a proper view of “his girl”, he slid to the edge of the bench, and everybody heard that “srrrrrrrr…. dub” sound.

Adesh was a confident guy. Confident in the sense, he had enough courage to follow her throughout campus. In case you are wondering how that counts as confidence, majority of the boys are quite shy of following girls they like (probably a good thing for the safety of girls). Introspection time, boys!

It didn’t take long for Ahana to notice him and his antics around her. He was good-looking, “brighter than her” student, and she started to feel that “isn’t he watching me? Sad..” feeling very soon. Of course, the conversation starter was “first unit test”. As whole world knows, copying in exam is a fundamental right of students, and exams are the best places to start conversation with opposite sex.

However, this isn’t some metro where you can easily meet without getting caught by “elders”. In this small town, flirting out of campus can sometimes lead to “situations”, especially if both of them are from the same town, and not from distant villages. So things didn’t move as fast as Adesh wanted. Time flies quickly, and he had to make moves. Finally, one day he could get her alone near library. With that uncanny fear and enthusiasm, he jumped in front of her and said, “I love you”!

No, that wasn’t the “I… I… I… l… love you” kind. It was a quick “Iloveyou… huh”.


I wish I could tell you that she said yes. But that doesn’t happen. Girls are wired to say two things – “No” and “It’s Okay”, and they often do not mean their literal meaning. She simply said “No” and walked away. No “slow motion”, no long-filmy “looking back” scenes, no emotional background music.

And she was actually feeling great. She was enjoying that feel of rejecting someone.

“I am the best in this universe, and I have options”.

“Try to get me again, try harder, I want to see you doing everything to see my smile”.

Some guys try again, some do not. Adesh belonged to second category. Within seconds, he matured. He learnt that decisions are not always taken by a thought process or by listening to one’s heart. Sometimes decisions are made instinctively “on the fly”, “just like that”. From then on, he concentrated on what mattered, the studies (until he found Reshma).

Would Ahana give a second thought if he tried again? Nobody knows.

I think she would feel a little uncomfortable as Adesh wasn’t following her anymore, if this exciting guy was not behind her.

That was Javed.

To be continued…

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