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Published: 5 years ago

Dream: English lecturer teaching physics

I think I got my brain damaged.

Why do I think so?

Today I had this dream:

I was walking from hegde cross to baliga PU arts & science college, and it was 1.40PM. A tooth-broken girl is walking next to me in a Chudidar. As we approach the college, we see class has already began.

Nagraj sir is teaching Physics, using Indian accent which he is proud of.

Some formulas all over the board. We enter the class when he is looking at the other way, and I sit in 2nd row. Vinod Hebbar is sitting in first row, and welcomes me with his trademark smile.

As we listen, Nagraj sir starts speaking why Physics isn’t a good career. He says people in Physics department don’t get as much money as others.

And we discover this is some kind recruiting when he starts to distribute some forms.

And because we are ambitious, we reject the silly offer!

<<<EOD // End of dream

Now, this could never ever happen. Why?

1. Nagraj sir is an English lecturer (I hope I didn’t get the name wrong here)
2. As I remember, Vinod never sat in front row in PUC. Neither did I in 2nd row. We always started from 3rd/4th row, and would often end in 7th/8th.
3. Of course, recruiting doesn’t happen like that
4. Class begins at 2PM
5. If I could reach the class before 2PM, my attendance would be at least 25% more (see next point).
6. I never sneaked into a class. If I was late (even by couple of minutes), I would skip the class.
7. I never walk behind any girl. I chose to lead 😛

However, following would be quite true:

1. Vinod’s welcome smile
2. Me not understanding things written on board
3. Me being ambitious

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