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Published: 6 years ago

What I would like to see in iOS 7

WWDC is on June 10. Everybody is posting speculations, rumours and this is my first attempt at this trade. I will jump straight into the list. Unlike many other wishlists, this isn’t too long.

  • Widgets in iPhone
  • A social sharing API, so just like those “Share on Facebook/Twitter” options, we can build applications that hook into the sharing system. Of course, in the interest of privacy, no need for auto sharing.
  • A file exposure API: This should allow applications to “Expose” their files to other applications.
    Ex. iPhoto will expose photos. iWorks exposes documents. Mail has access to both, so you can attach some photos and a presentation to your email. You connect the devise to computer, and all these “Exposed Files/Folders” show up, from which you can transfer files easily.
  • A content oriented design: Leather may look familiar, but wastes lot of “eye space”. Instead the focus should be on content – some adaptation of Flat UI.
  • Bluetooth: It would make a great companion for File exposure API.
  • A separate Sync app to take backups and sync user preferences. For file transfers, we can use file exposure API itself. Using a music management software (iTunes) to take backups, sync ebooks and applications is not at all intuitive.

That’s it. I don’t want anything else on software front. For iOS 8 I may wish for multi user functionality, but that is not required now.

Security Concerns:

The main arguments against these are security and privacy concerns. But with sensible defaults, it should not a problem. You need not to allow execution of files from file exposure api, so NO VIRUS. Probably provide some settings so that each app can control what type of files it can see (from the files other apps have exposed, not all the files in device). Similarly, each may restrict which installed apps may/may not see its’ files (whitelist/blacklist). Fully secure, fully private.

UX Consistency:

Apple may post some rules on how to structure the files the app exposes, so that users can expect a consistent user experience. Of course, reject apps that don’t follow rules!

However, bottom line is that I have no control over what Apple does. I can only wish.

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