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Published: 6 years ago

Why we chose iMac?

Today, 7 October 2012, we got an iMac for Netvinyas Softwares Pvt. Ltd. (My company).

Many people think it is overpriced. We bought the cheapest iMac, which costs 64,900 rs, today. You can build 2 PCs with better specs for the same price. Why the hell would someone buy an iMac, paying so much money?

People buy Apple products for variety of reasons, most common being that they look “Cool”. Yes, they look cool. They are fashion products. But I am far from fashion. We had some strategic reasons to buy this.

  1. We could develop software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS platforms from single machine. That is possible only with Mac.
  2. We trust Apple on hardware stability. We were fooling around with custom built PCs for 3 years, and it was not all rosy.
  3. Apple has track record of better service.
  4. It comes with OS X. I feel it is much intuitive than any other OS out there (my opinion).
  5. We wanted an All In One PC. No more towers please! And all AIO PCs we saw had similar prices. May be couple of thousands cheaper. But we are willing to pay that premium for the benefits we are going to get.
  6. Finally, yea, they look cool, even to someone like Prabhakar!

The first reason itself is enough to decide we are to go with Mac, but other reasons helped too.

I am not saying Mac is better than other PCs. It’s a choice, and you may choose the best one which fits your needs. Some people want to save money, and some people time. If you want to save money, build a PC. If you want to save time, get a Mac. If you want save a bit of money, and bit of time, get a branded PC. That is my “generalized” advice to those who want a new PC.


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