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Published: 6 years ago

Old habits die hard – “Maximized Windows”!


Whenever you change from a system in which you are working for quite a long time, it is inevitable to carry some practices along to the new system. Most of the times, such habits yield less than ideal results.

As I upgraded to an iMac, I found a few things were not working as I expected them to work. Most of the time, the problem was how I was using a particular feature.

For ex. I was used to work in “maximized” applications, when I was using Windows. In that setup, only one application is visible at a time. When I came to iMac, I did the same. By default OS X does not maximize apps to fill the whole screen. Instead it maximizes the app to fit the content inside that app. I couldn’t appreciate it, so I downloaded RightZoom application, which brings the windows like maximize behavior.

What I did not understand was that I have much more screen real estate than my previous PC. Full screen browser window on 1920×1080 full HD screen was not optimal, because most websites are not wider than 1200px. Remaining 800px would be whitespace. Looking at that much of whitespace tricked my mind to think that the resolution is too big & fonts are too small. So I reduced resolution down to 1600×900.

Now everything seemed OK, except that everything was a bit blurry. Not too good for eyes. I searched for a solution. Apparently there used to be a appledisplayscalefactor setting, which is now removed. That setting would scale everything as set. After trying to change whatever I could find, I gave up, and adjusted to blurry display.

Yesterday, I sat back and decided to go back to square one. I reset resolution, and re-sized my browser window to fit the content inside it. Some other windows were visible behind it, but Voila! That wasn’t disturbing at all. It was just using excess screen real estate. In fact, it made it easier to switch between windows. No blur. Text, images everything looked fine.

Conclusion is, leave the habit of working in full-screen (yes, it is still available if you want), and your life will be much better on Mac, or any full HD displays. Fear not, you won’t get distracted by multiple windows on screen. Instead it will make it easier to switch between those two.

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