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Published: 5 years ago

Old habits die hard – “Maximized Windows”!

Yes. Whenever you change from a system in which you are working for quite a long time, it is inevitable to carry some practices along to the new system. Most of the times, such habits yield less than ideal results. As I upgraded to …

Published: 5 years ago

Na aankhen churaana

Yoon, na aankhen churaana… Choti si bhi, dard hamko na dena… Na hai ye mushkil, ek baar aanaa, Haan me maana, mushkil hai jaanaa… Kaanon ke aage, hai jo resham si dhaage, Kehna unhe, vo saari baatein… Saanso ki narmi, un honton ki garmi, …

Published: 5 years ago

Why we chose iMac?

Today, 7 October 2012, we got an iMac for Netvinyas Softwares Pvt. Ltd. (My company). Many people think it is overpriced. We bought the cheapest iMac, which costs 64,900 rs, today. You can build 2 PCs with better specs for the same price. Why …