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Published: 7 years ago

Summer Tuition 2008…

Sorry for the delay in posting my college life stories. Now that I have some time, I am going to continue from where I left off.

I entered 2nd PU.

I did not take tuition for first PU. People around me, including me concluded that the relatively low score in first PUC was because I did not take any external coaching. Solution was to join a coaching center. So I joined I.K. Naik’s tuition classes.

That was fun.

There used to be classes in morning as well as evening. My group (Balachandra, Vinod) was going to same class. Prashant went to R.K. Bhat’s tution class. Vinod & I used to have 12 rs. Mini Meals in Sukh Sagara restaurant. A few days we used to go to Manki Ground. That is a playground in Kumta where most of the exhibitions, sports tournaments, circus, fests and other events executed. We used to sit on top of the stands and enjoy view of highway next to the stadium. 2 days, I saw someone out there who used to drive me crazy. On some occasions we used to go to a hilltop, where Aadichunchanagiri trust school is located. It was summer vacations for the school, so whole campus was ours. This was the place where we used to discuss about our future. The big economic slowdown was everywhere, and we were worried for those students who were not too intelligent, and still wanted to do engineering. There were layoffs everywhere in tech fields, so it was quite confusing for aspiring engineers with us.

I remember someone telling “Engineers are those people who work hard, spend more and earn less“.

I was never been a person with a grudge to be an engineer. I liked science, wanted to do research on genetics, but the regular electronics, IT engineering careers were not too fascinating. May be that mindset was also something which played a good role in the upcoming debacle.

But fellow students in that tuition class remember me for something else.

Sleeping in class.

Yeah. It was summer, temperature was about 40 degree Celsius, no fans, literally more than hundred people stuffed in one hall for hours. It was like opium. You lose your consciousness. And people call it sleep.

As you may already know if you read my earlier posts, I was not a fan of taking/reading notes. I read books. Lack of interest and the opium effect, I could hardly recognize what I was scratching on the paper, err, writing with my pen. We still have a good laugh by remembering those so called notes. There would be nothing more than some lines drawn in place of words, because fingers would not move to make those lines to letters. Obviously, I could never read such horrendous notes.

Finally June came, there were still a few classes left in tuition, I stopped going to those classes.

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