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Published: 6 years ago

Experience with Girls

So, welcome to a post, which sheds light on one of the features that defined “What Is Prabhakar”.

Normally, in school, girls and boys fight, make their own groups, and fight more. And once they reach adolescence, they develop interest towards each other. And soon indulge in various “Relationships”, and start to “Enjoy the life”. And then the next things depend on many variables like family backgrounds and environment.

My case is a little different. Though I had my share of fights in primary school, especially with Jayavathi (she has a child now, I wonder how some people get settled early), I was not part of any “group” or regular fights, unless grouping was necessary for survival. There used to be 2 groups, one with Shruti & Jayavathi, another with Gajanan & Narayan. I was in between.

Then I came to high-school, and it is quite natural to develop various psychological views, and get influenced by biological developments at that time. But still there used to be fights. Naturally because girls were given some advantages over boys which was not well received by boys. Everyone used to have crushes, but none used to communicate it (may be situation is different in metros), and that is rightly so.

Then came PUC.

As I told in an earlier post, it was completely new world for me. I could see an open world, where other students used to communicate with girls well, and well…umm… do much more than that. Like roaming around and all.

Being a misfit in this world, I didn’t see enough advantage in talking to a girl. As I always tell:

There is not enough return of investment in having a relationship.

You invest lot of time, and get nothing in return.

So my theory was not to speak unless it is absolutely necessary.

Such situation arose only once in whole first PUC (or was that second PUC?). Some girl I don’t remember now told me “Hey, principal is calling you”. I did some stupid act just before that, and thus I was anticipating it. I replied “Oh k, I was expecting it”. That was it.

Then came second PU, where I made 2 friends who were girls. I talked (when they called), and texted them in mobile (until I had stock of free messages). I went to a hotel once with one such friend, and once she took me. That was it (and yea, in the context in which I am writing in, I think it is necessary to clarify that she was & is like my sister).

But during this period, I came to know a lot about the Girlish View Of Life. They say it is impossible to know what is in the heart of a woman. That is true for all human beings. But I think most people know personality of a girl. No high aims in life (that is true for most of people in general, and that is not bad. But it is more in girls). And, they are really good to listen to (I know many people don’t agree, But it is really good to listen to a girl who is talking about herself.

Most of the interactions I had with girls are via electronic medium. Interent or Mobile. Basically, I didn’t see a point in discussing anything offline.

Also, I have many objections/jealous feeling on certain privileges girls enjoy.

  • They need not to take tension in life. Father and then husband will take care of them throughout life.
  • Girls first policy. I don’t know why such stupid policies are there.
  • Priority support they receive.
  • Priority appreciation they receive.
  • All gifts given to girls, not taken from them (including treats)
  • And more…

Meanwhile, I think it is good to mention that I received fair share of help in healing my mind in various grievances. I always used to dump my brain trash and rehashed myself by chatting with one such friend. She even helped me during my second attempt in 2nd PU maths, by providing notes by her friend.

But what I returned was not quite cool. I returned the notes with empty pages torn. No, I didn’t do that, my mom did. But effect is same. I understand how hard it would be to write and compile those notes. I wanted to say sorry to her personally, but I don’t recognize her face. So I am saying this here.

Ashwini, I am sorry. I should have taken better care of those notes.

Coming back, I don’t think any girl deserves more respect just because she is girl. That is discrimination, and I am against it. Girls deserves as much respect as boys. More respect should be given based on achievements of the person, or depending on the relationship of the person. Not by gender. I love my father & mother equally.

That’s a wrap for now.

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