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Published: 6 years ago

A New Beginning – Student of A.V.Baliga College of Arts & Science

Previous Part: Before it all went downhill – the high school days

Before I joined college, I took “VidyaPoshak Exam“. It provides scholarships and other help to financially poor, merit students. Supposedly there were 60 students selected from North Karnataka for a summer camp, based on the score in this exam. I was one of them. While writing this exam, I met a person, who later became my close friend. He was from my nearby village, but I never saw him before, as we studied in different places. He was giving his opinion about how the exam was conducted, and I just loved the way he talked. I was still a “Shy Boy”, who did not speak too much unless on stage. I met him after the exam, and asked his name.

Vinod Hebbar.

That was a short meeting, and I quickly forgot his face. That always happens with me. He was also selected for camp, but didn’t attend. I went, stayed there a week, and came back. That is where I touched computer first time. I learnt how switch on & off the computer, how to use mouse, how to open notepad & write.

That was the only formal training I took for computer.

Me & my friend Krishna Prasad (high school friend) decided to become room partners. He was to join commerce, I was to join science. And we did. After searching a few rooms in industrial area & near college, we finalized a room in hostel like place, with the help of Narayan Desai. That place is called “Aramane” (palace) by those who stay there now 🙂

Many rooms were there, and many boys who were students of science, commerce, management & diploma were staying there. Nearby, many more such houses were there, where one or two rooms were rented for students. And there was a girls hostel exactly behind our rooms 😛

Though I stayed most of the time out of my home for study (since 4th standard, I lived in houses of relatives for study), this environment was new to me. To get a glimpse of my personality at that time, I think these points will help.

  • I didn’t know many of those abusive words, even in Kannada (mother tongue)
  • Even if I knew a few words, I didn’t know the meaning
  • Being a person who lived (& lives) in own world i.e. absence of mind, nothing synced in my brain, which was constantly poured by outer environment.
  • I knew much more about sex & such things than those around me at that time, but I knew that in scientific, biological manner. It was neither abusive, nor interesting. Pure knowledge.
  • I was (& am) a person who believed everyone, whatever they would say.
  • I used to get irritated by the way others behaved, talking to girls on phone, having fun with them (nothing bad on their part, I am just telling how was I)
  • I was a miser. Never used to spend money on friends. I never bought even a Chocolate for others.
  • Used to talk less, less, and less.

In short, a Total Misfit.

Krishna Prasad (who got a new name – KP during that time) adjusted to the situation quite easily. He was brought up with people skills. He knew how to build relations with people, how to mingle with them. I did not. Quickly I was lonely. Also, science students had to study hard. Treated as nerds by default.

Being lonely was never a problem for me. I believe Life is a fight to win against loneliness, which you are bound to lose. But the problem was, well, I was completely lost in transition 😀

Meanwhile, I was a student of A.V.Baliga College of Arts & Science. A PUC student.

The first period:

I am not sure first period was physics or chemistry. But I still remember that first period in afternoon session. My stupidity started from there itself. I took Hindi as second language. But, I didn’t know (as I didn’t ask anyone) where that class was. So I sat where I sat in morning. It was Kannada class. I remember lecturer (forgot his name) telling this:

“You people go to tuitions, study hard whole day, pass CET, become engineer, study more. Thus, take lot of burden on yourself. Then you get a nice job, nice salary. Those years are when you enjoy. Then you marry, get a family, and take more burden. This is life.”

Saasiveyashtu sukhakkoskara saagaradashtu dukhkha anubhavisteeri. Ade jeevana.

(You go through a sea of pain for a pinch of joy. That is life).

New Contacts:

The first person whom I exchanged names and contact was Chetan Achari. It took me weeks to know those who were sitting around me. There were 85 students, if I am not wrong. I didn’t and do not know many of them.

Next day, Vinod came to class. He was absent on first day. And I already forgot him. But he introduced himself again, and then I never forgot him 🙂

After a few days, someone near me told that a person who sits on first bench says that he knows you, and he is your relative (I used to sit on 4th row at that time). I went to him, and asked, I heard you know me. But I don’t know you. Who are you?

He told “I am ShivKumar. My native is Dhoranagiri, same place as you.” Till that point things were cool. Next he said “They say their that you are brilliant”. For the first time, I was shocked to hear that. My situation at college was, umm… well… not so good to say the least.

I denied me being brilliant, and returned to my place.

Soon I came to know about many people around me, and sorry, I have already forgot many of them. Some of them are:

Abhishek, Roshan, Ajit kumar, Santosh Kumar, Praveen, Bharat, Ganesh Naik, Anant Shanbhag, Anant etc.

I slowly became one more important person.

Prashant Hegde.

He was Roll. No. 49. Next to my roll number. Now he is my close friend.

Name of First Girl Classmate I came to know:

Was Pavitra Shanbhag. It was chemistry class. S.V.Kamath, who was degree principal at that time (if I am not wrong), came to class, and asked “Who has scored highest marks in SSLC”? After a quick chaos in class, the name was announced, “Pavitra Shanbhag, with 97.____%”. Everyone applauded, so did I.

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