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Published: 7 years ago

First row girls…

Few days ago, I started going to college quite regularly, and I couldn’t resist myself from analysing the behaviour of first row girls. While the whole class behaves like a model class (the one where students can do anything they desire ex. Chatting, dancing etc.), these girls actually listen to what lecturers are saying. Isn’t that amazing?

It may not be that amazing for a few people, so let me list few more characteristics;

  • Few even wear bangles
  • I came to know that few of them follow “Lalita sahasranama”
  • They write notes of seminars by students
  • They don’t miss a single class (that’s actually true for many girls, not only first row).
  • They remember all those hectic definitions
  • Most of them got 20+/25 in a subject where average marks of others were 3-4/25.
  • Few of them come with 4 eyes i.e. glasses.

I guess we can group these characteristics like this;

  1. Bangles & lalita sahasranama: While most of the others think being modern constitutes removing bangles from their hand, either these girls are helpless due to pressure from parents or really do not think that way. I don’t know whether they think that much or not but in short I can say that they tend to follow customs (relatively).
  2. Writing notes of seminars may either indicate real interest on subject, or a habit, or just that they tend to follow rules. I don’t know the reason. I never believed in writing notes which are dictated in classroom. But we have to write notes because our lecturers seems to think;
    “Education is the process of transferring notes from lecturers notebook to the notebooks of student, passing through the heads of neither”.
    Along with my friends, I was also curious to know why all lecturers tend to look at these girls so often while teaching. One of my friends cracked it, when he was giving a seminar. According to him, while the whole class is doing whatever they wish to do, these girls seriously listen to the seminar. This really boosts energy of the person who is doing seminar. They also help him while doing seminar by hinting phrases. Surely that’s too helpful for an interactivity-seeking person.
  3. We can safely ignore the almost 100% attendance by them, saying that they have nothing else to doJ.
  4. From day one I believed that definitions are waste of time & energy. Neither they help in understanding the subject, nor do they invoke interest on subject. Anything that doesn’t have one of these benefits isn’t worth practising, as far as education is concerned. But sadly, practice of the above definition of education comes with mugging tonnes of definitions. These girls really scare me when they smoothly deliver all those definitions.
  5. Recently we had an exam in which most of us (including few big guys who used to get 20+) got less than 10 out of 25. We took their answer sheets and really amazed to see the neatness. I agree to my friend who said “They get marks because they deserve it”. Even reading that is an awesome experience. Although most of the students were unhappy with the evaluation method (which included neglecting creativity of student) which caused very low marks, these girls were happy to be toppers.

    On that day, I thought aren’t they just mugging what’s in the book, and vomiting it on paper, without using any creativity. But within minutes I remembered they also participate in cultural activities sometimes. Anyone who participates in cultural activities can’t resist himself/herself without being creative.

  6. Glasses are the effect of all of the above. While brain starts to work according to rules, eyes start demanding extensions.

While these girls do have their share of fun in college, I really appreciate their skill of balancing things. While my ego doesn’t allow me to admire anyone, somewhere inside a string plays a major scale, saying “Dude, they are really good at what they do”.

So that’s it. I guess most of them don’t come online regularly, but still I expect few pretty comments here. It’s your turn.

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