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Published: 8 years ago

A feel that never ends vs. Hani hani prem kahani…


It’s been 5 years, but the feel is never ending…

After brother’s wedding, tests and many projects, I took some rest, and watched many films online. That made me write this post.

I was 9th when I realised there was a film called Jogi. Until Jogi, I was not used to listen any kind music. Jogi, along with Aap Ka suroor –the album, changed my view about music. It entertained me, it forced me to like music.

After an year, another blockbuster got released. Mungaru Male.


People who never went to see any film went to watch that film. As always, I watched it on computer.

It was good, but not as good as Jogi, atleast for me. I can watch Jogi 10 more times continuously, but not mungaru male. Here is why;

  • Background score: I liked it’s theme “kai tumba iddone yogi, kadevaregu bedone yogi” which is created using good amount of synths than mungaru male theme.
  • Songs: Yes I am not that person with great for melody. So that pop+rock+folk fusion of “Ello jogappa”, “Hodimaga” and “Chiku buku railu” appeal me than pop+classic mixed “onde ondu sari” or melodies like “anisutide yako” & very ordinary “kunidu kunidu bare”.
  • Screenplay”: Jogi is far better. Those flashbacks, and the way film moves from start to finish is just awesome. Mungaru Male is just linear in telling story.
  • Performance: Shivaraj Kumar gave better performance. Ganesh is also good, but not as good as Shivraj. And I don’t expect any performance related things from heroines.
  • Jennifer looks better than Pooja gandhi. That cute journo appeals better than “drum looking” pooja gandhi.
  • Story: Personally, I like Jogi’s story. I value motherly love more than the ordinary love [dovvu 🙂 ].

But Mungaru Male earned more than Jogi, and therefore considered more successful than Jogi. It’s the only film to complete one year in a multiplex in whole world. Here is why people like Mungaru Male than Jogi;

  • dialogue: Yograj Bhat makes it catchy.
  • songs picturisation: Those sceneries with fog are a treat to watch.
  • story: Most of the people are not like Prabhakar. It’s a fact that people give more importance to their GF than their mother. Actually boys have more affinity towards mother, and girls have more affinity to father. So Jogi’s sentiments don’t appeal to girls comparing to boys. But this “travel lovestory” appeals to everyone out there.
  • equating with charectors: It’s hard to assume for somebody that he is “Madesa”. But everyone can assume that he is “Pritam”. “Pritam” is just like many of the today’s youth. But Madesa is an illiterate, poor fellow.
  • The lifestyle of characters in these stories: Jogi story is highly centred around Bangalore underworld and lifestyle of “cattle class people”. Therefore it doesn’t appeal to those from outside of state. In USA, Jogi did very badly because of this. But “Mungaru Male” is applicable to everywhere. Whoever with an experience of love or atleast a crush will like Mungaru Male, irrespective of where he is.
  • Many people like melody, unlike me. For them, “Anisutide” is an anthem. I understand.
  • Many other things like choreography, fights etc. are above average, so overall it makes a superhit.

Here is the audio I liked most in film Jogi.

Click here to listen

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